What to expect within these pages? Hmm yes… the question of the century…  I really don’t know yet. I am not sure where this will go. It could go everywhere.. or nowhere.

Some information about me.. I’m just a stay at home mom, full time student, lover, maid, babysitter, and friend to most. If your one of the lucky people to call me a friend you know that I truly love my friends and family.

If your one of the unlucky people who I am writing about most of the time… god help you.

Family is important to me. Friends are important to me. My school is important to me… My goals in life? I had a list… now really only two things on that list left to accomplish. 1. Raise my children to become PRODUCTIVE members of Society… 2. To own a Harley Davidson Motorcyle before I die. Not really much to ask for … but then again you don’t know my children!

I am an outspoken person who gets bitched at all the time for speaking my mind.. you would think I would have learned by now to keep my mouth shut and accept things just like everyone expects you to by now.. but I haven’t. I don’t understand why people accept the crap they do. When you work hard and have people do you a service why do you accept shitty service? That’s not right… The Customer Is NOT always Right anymore…

When I go to McDonalds if they serve me a moldy hamburger bun I am going to talk to the Manager and they better hope I don’t go to the corporate office… not that it does any good.. When I go shopping for clothes… if the sales lady tells me I am a fat cow and that looks horrid on me… I am not buying anything there and I certainly wouldn’t go back… but yet most of society would buy the sweater or eat the hamburger… because they don’t want to cause problems… Why is it looked at like that? I don’t understand it… so here I sit getting yelled at and frowned upon by most because I won’t stand by and accept it… Whatever.

So in a nutshell what to expect within these pages…. your guess is as good as mine.